Ayeyarwady Region

Pathein seen from the river
Pathein, capital of Ayeyarwady region (photo by mohigan)

Ayeyarwady Region

Ayeyarwady region is situated in the southernmost part of central valley of Myanmar. It borders Rakhine state on the northwest, Bago region on the north and east, and Yangon region on the east. To the south and west of it lie Andaman sea and Bay of Bengal. It is the delta of Ayeyarwady river. It has an area of 13,566 sq.miles. Except Rakhine Yoma range on the western part of Ayeyarwady region, the remaining areas are lowlands and plians. In this area, the heigh of Rakhine Yoma is between 1,500 feet and 3,000 feet. Cape Mawtin is the southernmost part of Rakhine Yoma. 

Ayeyarwady is the main river and the first confluence is Pathein river near Nyaungkyo in Ingapu Township. In the delta are many confluence of Ayeyarwady river in the forms of streams and riverlets flowing and spreading out like a net. So is flowing down into the sea in the forms of Ngamun river, Thetkethaung river, Ywe rive, Pyanmalok river, Pyinsalu river, Ayeyarwady river, Bogalay river, Phyapon river, Thandi river and Toe river.

Southern part of Ayeyarwady region has tropical climate while the north has tropical savanah. April and May are the hottest and December and January are the coldest. Average temperature in southern areas is about 85’F and it is higher in northern towns. From mid-May to mid-October is the rainy season. Rainfalls decrease from south to north and average annual ranifalls is about 120” in Pathein which is the capital of Ayeyarwady region. Sometimes cyclone formed in Bay of Bengal cross into Ayeyarwady region.Bamar and Kayin people are the majority and they live in plains. A few Chin people live on Rakhine Yoma range. In the western coastal area, there live Rakhine nationals. Ayeyarwady region has a population of 6,436,000.

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