Hai Pa Waterfall

Hai Pa Waterfall - birdeye view

Hai Pa Waterfall

Hai Pa waterfall, one of the cultural heritages in Mong Hsu Township where Tainwe and Palaung ethnics reside in unison in southern Shan State. It is formed with seven to nine steps of waterfall. It is a natural scene filled with various species of wildlife and birds.

Travelers wishing to visit Hai Pa waterfall need to take a four and a half hour drive from Loilem Town. People from Yangon and Mandalay may pay visits to Hai Pa waterfall along Loilem-Laikha-Mong Kung road via Taunggyi. Moreover, visitors from Lashio and Muse may roll on Namlan-Kyethi road or Mongyai-Mongshu road. If visitors come from Tachilek and Kengtung, they need to go along Kunhing-Wamsein-Mong Kung road. Nowadays, these all roads have been repaved with asphalt thanks to fruitful results of peace.

Hai Pa waterfall is located about one mile from Hai pa Village. An asphalt road repaved in the village reaches the new bridge of the village. A temporary road link between the new bridge and the waterfall passing through paddy fields. In the rainy season, small vehicles may face some difficulties and damage by the road. Visitors may see voluntary activities of local children in repairing the road with the use of hoes. Hence, some visitors give tips to those children.

Regularly, travelers can be seen at Hai Pa waterfall all the year round but the number of travelers declines at the waterfall in the rainy season because they face difficulties in walking along the way to the waterfall passing through the paddy fields. In general, the waterfall is opened in the month of Tazaungmone (between November and December) and closed in the month of Kason (May). In fact, Hai Pa waterfall, an origin of Nampan Creek which flows to Kunhing region streaming in a large number of ravines and jungles, is embraced by Loikhuk Hill, Loifalyan Hill, and Loimonmun Hill.

Thousands of visitors flock to the waterfall on a daily basis but the number of picnickers reaches thousands on holidays and during the Thingyan festival period. Visitors may take a relaxation at the waterfall with services of temporary guesthouses, restaurants and souvenir shops. They may taste domestic cuisines such as fried fish captured from Nampan Creek.

Local authorities collect K3,000 per vehicle for the fund of regional development and repaving of the road to the waterfall. But, motorbike riders have an exemption of collecting cash. Moreover, local authorities arrange motorboat services for visitors to wander around the places of Nampan Creek to be able to enjoy natural scenes and taste domestic foodstuffs. Charge of the motorboat is set at K2,000 per passenger and charge of chartered boat K40,000.

Travelers from four corners of the nation may take relaxation in enjoying beautiful natural scenes at Haipa waterfall and its environs while tasting famous Shan traditional foods such as sour pork and sour beef meals.

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