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Heart-shaped Reed Lake

Heart-shaped Reed Lake

Reed Lake

Reed Lake is situated between Chin and Indian mountain ranges. It is located in the north of Reh Khaw Da, a small town that lies near Myanmar’s northwestern border with India, making it a convenient trip for those coming from the South Asian country. Reh Khaw Da Town is in the administrative area of Falam Township, Chin State.

The natural lake is 2,966 feet high above sea level. The famous heart-shaped lake is 832 acres wide and has a 3-mile circumference and is over 50 feet deep. It is just two miles away from the border with India.

The lake is also known as Rih Dil or Rih Lake. What makes Reed lake unique is that the lake is shaped like a heart, it has never short of water and the lake if full all year round. The lake turns into a reddish color every December.

An attempt to drain the lake was made during the British colonial period. Chin people believe all spirits have to pass through the lake and that it was these spirits who thwarted the attempt to dry it up.

The lake holds high significance in the faith and tradition of the locals, and even people from India believe that their ancestors’ souls are alive in the lake and make prayer visits there.

More travelers have come to Reed Lake, which is one of the famous tourist sites in Chin State, during the December holiday period. The lake attracts domestic and foreign travelers mostly from bordering India. The majority of visitors from India are students from Mizoram.

Reed Lake which is considered the heart of picturesque Chin State is in the throes of a silt scourge as sand washing from the surrounding environment flows into it. The heart-shaped lake is threatened by a silt deposit every year and may be in danger of extinction.

Conservationists have been sounding the alarm to preserve the lake. The depletion of forests in the environs of the lake and damage to watershed areas have been blamed for the silt deposits in the lake.

To save the lake, authorities have banned slash-and-burn cultivation in hilly areas within a three miles radius of the lake, as well as logging.

The Surbung Airport in Chin State’s Falam will solve the transport difficulty of the mountainous state. As the airport is almost completed, it will be put into service soon.

After completion of the Surbung Airport, it will be a major entry point by air to Chin State. Domestic and foreign visitors can tour the state in a shorter period. Local products and national ethnic races will have easier and faster access to other places across the country.

The Surbung Airport is located in the middle of Chin State and from there, travelers can instantly reach Falam, Haka, Thantlang and Tiddim towns, Lonpee Mountain and Reed Lake.

Surbung Airport
Surbung Airport, Falam, Chin State