Chaung Tha Beach

Chaung Tha Beach

Once Chaungtha is reached, there are peace and miles of silvery beaches fringed by coconut trees and other tropical vegetation. Like most beaches in Myanmar, it faces west giving lovely, picturesque scenes at sunset.

Ngwe Naung Beach

Ngwe Saung Beach

Ngwesaung Beach stretches for about nine miles along the Bay of Bengal. Facing west, the beach provides views of stunning sunsets. At the back are the low hills of the Rakhine Yoma Range which can be climbed for more picturesque views of the blue ocean beyond.

crocodile of Meinmahla Island, Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar

Meinmahla Island

Naturally conserving Crocodylus porosus which is a species of crocodiles with habitation in the area mixed with freshwater and seawater. Moreover, the wildlife sanctuary is habitats for otters, hyenas, boar, monkeys, various snakes, and mangrove forest birds.

Pathein Umbrella

The Golden Land of Myanmar is full of color, whether natural or man-made. The Pathein parasol for one is simply enchanting, with its beautiful design containing sort of artistic paintings on them.