Bago region is situated in the south of the central valley area. Except for Bago Yoma in the middle of the region and the westernmost part, all parts of the Bago region are lowlands and plains. Bago, formerly known as Hanthawaddy of Mon Kingdom in the 15th century is located about 80 km from Yangon.

Bago has been popular for its cheroot industry. Different brands of cheroot are produced in Bago and other products include rice, dried fishes, and handicrafts.

Bago Hintha


Bago is 50 miles north-east of Yangon and can be reached either by rail or by road. Going there by road is much more pleasurable than going by rail because one can stop and see things on the way, and there is so much to see.

Taungoo Myanmar


Taungoo or Taung-Ngu means “Spur of a hill“. From the car or the railway, visitors can easily see these hills on the east, and near Taungoo they are only about 15 miles away. This range of hills forms part of the Kayin State.

Sal Htat Kyi Pagoda


Pyay, as the original Myanmar name Pyi is transliterated, is a busy river port. Often referred to Pyay as Thayekhitra or Srikshetra, the name of an ancient Pyu city whose existence is testified by the discoveries 5 miles south of Pyay.

Beik Tha No City

World Heritage Pyu Cities

Three of the Pyu ancient cities are the first site in Myanmar being inscribed on the World Heritage List. Held in three brick walled and moated cities of Halin, Beikthano, and SriKsetra in the vast irrigated landscape of the dry zone in Ayeyarwady river basin.

Kyaik Pun Four-Faced Pagoda

Four Faced Pagoda

In the Mon language, Kyaik means Buddha and Pun, four. Kyaikpun means four Buddhas. Buddha image in the east dedicating to Kakusanda Buddha, in the west to Kassapa Buddha, in the south to Konagamana Buddha and the north to Gotama Buddha.

Bago Shwe Tha Lyaung

Three reclining Buddha images

Among reclining Buddha images in Myanmar, the one at Winsein Tawya in Mon State is the largest. Three reclining Buddha images in Bago Township are not the biggest but the most significant and crowded with pilgrims on a daily basis.

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