Mount Victoria, Chin State

Mt. Victoria

Trekking to Mount Victoria, a well-known summit in the Chin State of Myanmar, is gaining favor among eco-tourists. There are still many pockets of natural beauty with rare flora and fauna where very few have set foot on.

Gayals of Chin State

Mountain & Gayals

In Chin State, the wealth of a family is measured by a number of gayals. Visitors are served with gayal meat in traditional festivals, social occasions of joy and grief. The more gayals a man belongs, the wealthier he is regarded.

Tee Mit Plain, Chin State

Tee Mit Plain

Of the numerous places to visit in Chin State, there is one accessible all year round that offers a serene picturesque environment; the Tee Mit Plains where the Tee Mit Creek flows through.

Natma Taung Scenery

Natma Taung through Kanpetlet

Visitors coming by car to the area from all over Myanmar must pass through Saw town where all will stop briefly before ascending the road to Kanpetlet town at an elevation of 4,500 ft. through breathtaking sights.