Kyat Cave in Loikaw

Kyat Cave in Loikaw

Kyat Cave, is famous among travelers for a few years, is located 10 miles east of Loikaw. Travelers leading to Kyat Cave must come from Pinlaung to Loikaw. At the junction to Loikaw, they need to turn the left.

Kayah Loikaw

Kayah Foods

KAYAH State is the smallest state in Myanmar with an area of just a little more than 3,500 square miles. Kayan or Palaung are renowned for their ‘long-neck’ women who wear brass coils around their necks and are dressed in colorful traditional costumes.

Panpat village


Local people in the town have been living in unison with faith in various religions. Not only Roman Catholic churches but also Buddhist stupas and temples mushroom in the town in addition to beautiful scenes of mountain ranges, waterfalls, springs, and caves.

Lawpita Waterfall


While in Lawpita, I saw the speedy, rough flow of water in Pun Creek daily. The water flow of Pun Creek which passes jungles and mountains is at high speed. Such strong massive water volume moves turbines of the power station to generate electricity.