Kayin State, southeast of Myanmar, is a hilly region where Kayin ethnics, the majority of people in Kayin State, are residing. Hpa-an Township, at an altitude of 53 feet, is plentiful of hills. 2,727 feet high Zwekabin Hill is the most significant.

Than Daung Gyi_

Than Daung

Thandaung was also developed as a hill resort from Victorian times by the British. It happens to be the hill resort closest to Yangon as it is only about 200 miles away and can be reached by car or bus on a half day’s journey.

Kaw Goon Cave

Amazing Caves

In the cave, there are many Buddha statues with various kinds of colors and plenty of lateritious bricks. The cave is about 0.2 km in length. There are a natural hot spring and a cold spring. The streams attract people to swim.

Sat Dan Lake

Sat Dan Cave and Sat Dan Lake

In those caves wonders of nature, Buddhist cultural heritages and antiques can be viewed. Most of the caves are the cul-de-sac ones with no exits at the ends. Sadan Cave means the cave near the lake where Kanteik plants thrive.