Golden Rock

Kyaik Hti Yo

The Golden Rock has been found during the lifetime of Buddha over 2600 years ago and it has also defied the Law of Gravitation, precariously perching over a cliff of the main mountain of 1100 meters above the sea level.


Mawlamyine is the capital of Mon State. 320km from Yangon. Kyaik Than Lan Pagoda, built-in AD 875, is the place where Rudyard Kipling wrote his famous poem. As the 1st capital of the British colony, it has many buildings with colonial-style architecture.

Kyaik Kha Mi Yele Pagoda Tide Rising

Kyaik Kha Mi

As this old brick pavement is flooded at high tides, a new concrete passage was built over the old pavement. Pilgrims can conveniently walk along this passage, climb up a flight of stairs to the upper level where sacred Buddha statues stand.

pinlalwa beach


From Yangon, it is 460km by road and last for 10 hours of driving time. If the journey starts very early in the morning, Ye can be reached in the afternoon and can arrange for beachside seafood dinner at “Pinlelwa” beach which has a great sunset view.

Thanbyu Zayat Death Railway

Thanbyu Zayat Death Railway

Only the handful of new generations may have heard of the notorious “Death Railway”. It was about the plights of the allied prisoners of wars (POWs) who were forced to construct rail line linking Bang Pong in Thailand and Than Byu Zayat in Burma.