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Myeik Archipelago

What locals called was the Bake Kyun Su. Myeik is also known as Bake locally. “Kyun” means island and “Kyun Su” means archipelago. Myeik Archipelago comprises over 800 beautiful islands.

Salon People's activities

Sea Gypsies

In Myanmar, a small ethnic group, the Salons, hails from Myeik province. Sometimes they are called sea gypsies. Their home is the Kaban boat. Never settling down, they move from one island to another, or along the nearby coast.

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Myeik is famous for its seafood restaurant at a fair price. Local says if one restaurant increases its food price, nobody in town goes there. So the basic idea is wherever the crowd is present, you can go in and ask for an English menu.

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Dawei is the capital city of Tanintharyi region.Recently due to infrastructure developments, some new beaches are accessible and people found out that these beaches are virgin and even the locals never been there before.

Maliwan Waterfall Kawthaung


Located in the southernmost part of the country of Myanmar, it is a small town at the border of Myanmar and Thailand. This area is still untouched by tourists and whoever got there doesn’t regret going to that place.

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Shin Koe Shin

Despite having lesser historical and archaeological evidence, nine pagodas under titles of Shin where people from various regions of the nation make pilgrimage tours have been famous due to successive preservations.