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Located at the southernmost part of the country of Myanmar, it is a small town at the border of Myanmar and Thailand. There are two points of entries to untouched beaches and islands of Myeik Archipelago. One is from Myeik and the other one is from Kawthaung. Locals said the islands and beaches near Kawthaung are more beautiful. This area is still untouched by tourist and whoever got there don’t regret about going to that place.

From Yangon to Kawthaung

By Air – Local Myanmar national airline may cost around 150USD per person per way.

By Express Bus – Mandalar Min Express, Moe Kaung Kin Express cost less than 30USD per person.

Self-drive – Roads are in drivable condition for most of the car. Some area of road repairs needs to slow down. Almost 20 hours of driving time. Better to make the night stop on the way.



Whoever come visit Kawthaung would have the cause but there are only two main reasons. One is coming from Thailand to extend the visa. The other is to go a boat trip to Myeik archipelago. Day trip or Night sleep on the islands can be arranged with tour operators. Beware and prepare to spend more time and money in comparison to Phuket, Krabi or even Bali. People who had been there said these are heavens on earth.

  • Cocks Comb Island also known as “an emerald heart island”. The big mountain island, with the Heart Lake inside. Many sharks and lobsters can be found. This is an ideal location for snorkeling when the tide is low.
  • Bo Cho Island, which is situated at the south of Lambi Island. A mile-long sandbank and scenic views overlooking the village at the pagoda located on the hill. This island has a major settlement of Maw King people / Sea Gypsies.
  • Bruer island or Saung Gauk (Myanmar traditional music instrument-Harp) island on which Twin Beach Mergui Island Resort is located. Which is a getaway beach resort.
  • Mackenzie island or Nyaung Oo Phee island on which Victoria Cliff Resort (Nyaung Oo Phee) is located. Which is a luxury getaway beach resort.
  • Kyun Pila island on which Awei Pila Resort is located. Which is also a luxury getaway beach resort.
  • Wa Ale island on which Wa Ale island Resort is located. Which is near the Lambi Kyun Marine National Park.
  • Macleod island on which Myanmar Andaman Resort is located.
  • Pocock island on which Amata Resort & Spa is located.

There may still be constructing a resort on some island. The list does not end yet.

Major Pagoda; As per the custom of Myanmar, every town has its own famous pagoda. For Kawthaung, the pagoda is Pyi Daw Aye Pagoda which is located on the hill near the town centre and so you can see the bird-eye view of the town.

Bayintnaung Cape

Kawthoung was the southernmost city of Myanmar while Bayintnaung Cape was the southernmost land of the country. Steel handrails circled the Bayintnaung Cape while the floor was tiled. Bayintnaung Hillock, not far from Bayinnaung Cape was the first destination of almost all visitors to Kawthoung.

Bayintnaung Hillock overlooked Pak Chan River. Kawthoung and the river looked beautiful from the hillock. The statue of King Bayintnaung pulling his sword halfway out of the sheath was also alive. A stone pillar near the statue depicts a brief biography of King Bayintnaung in Myanmar and English.

Kaw Thaung Bayint Naung Statue
King Bayintnaung Statue

Maliwan waterfall and hot spring

At the north of Kawthaung by car along the Union Highway to Maliwan Village at the 25-mile post. On the way, there is Pulontontone wooden bridge that spans across the sea and a Buddha image made of bamboo strips. Along the way are the oil palm plantations and areca palm farms.

Bama, Shan, and Salon arrived and settled in Maliwan area around 1750 as they seek greener pasture along the bank of Pak Chan River. The area was a flat plain with blossoming small jasmine flowers. In Thai, Mali means small jasmine and Wan means day. So Maliwan means the day when small jasmine flower blossom. Locals say Maliwan is a land of blossoming jasmine.

Maliwan Village is home to some 4,000 people in more than 850 houses. There are three monasteries, a primary school, and a dispensary. The majority of the people work in agriculture – horticulture farms, rubber plantations, and areca palm farms.

Maliwan Village host Kawthaung’s sole waterfall and hot spring. Due to poor transportation in the past, Maliwan waterfall and hot spring were not known to many people. Locals, as well as visitors from afar, can now visit and enjoy the waterfall and hot spring as the area develops.

Entered Maliwan resort by walking over the wooden bridge, there was a wide body of water that was the dam-up waters of the waterfall. There were a bunch of swimmers in the water while small groups of picnickers were here and there picnicking beside the water. Some had hiked along the mountain path to reach the resort while there were some foreigners who seem to be there after visiting Kawhtoung.

When hiking up to the top of the waterfall along the hill route, in addition to the natural beauty that surrounds the path, near the top was a concrete block with an X-mark on it ringed with an iron chain. Some say it was something hidden by the Japanese during the Second World War but no one knows for sure.

On the way back to Kawthoung, you may visit 10 Mile Village, a seaside village where marine products including the famous Pashu fish paste was available. Kawthaung associated with smuggling in the past was now thronged with visitors visiting Pulontontone beach resort five miles from Kawthoung, 10-mile beach resort 10 miles from Kawthaung and Maliwan resort.

Kawthaung Viewpoint

Local visitors and tourists are thronging to the viewpoint in Kawthaung town, which offers a scenic view of neighboring Thailand across the Pachan River. The viewpoint is becoming a popular spot among tourists for clicking photographs. It is usually crowded with picnic goers and fitness enthusiasts.

The point has beautiful decorations along with KAW THAUNG artboards. Local residents also contributed to the beautification effort. The viewpoint is popular among holidaymakers and locals as a place to relax. People can also be seen exercising here in the mornings and evenings.
Kawthaung viewpoint

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