Kayin State

Kayin State

Kayin State

The Kayin State is mountainous region renowned for its limestone caves and beautiful scenery. The capital city is Hpa-An, approximately 270km from Yangon. It is easily accessible and a six-hour drive from Yangon. Buses depart daily. It is possible to go to Hpa-An by road from Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda (Golden Rock Pagoda).


Located near Kan Thar Yar Lake, the two-story museum is dedicated to preserving and sharing Kayin history and culture. The exhibits at Museum are an introduction of the Kayin State, the history of the Kayin ethnic group, Kayin literature, culture, and Kayin musical instruments.


Mount Zwekabin is located seven miles south of Hpa-An near Ka Lawk Nose village. It is a key landmark of Kayin State and its peak is 2372 feet above sea level. It is a three-hour hike to the summit where one can enjoy breathtaking views of Hpa-An and the surrounding areas.


Bayinnyi cave is situated 12 miles from Hpa-An. The cave is approximately 20 meters in length and has an ancient pagada with many Buddha statues inside. On the hillside of the cave, there is a natural hot and cold spring.


Kawgoon is a natural limestone cave and is located 116 feet above sea level on the western bank of Thanlwin River in Hpa-An. It is famous for its Mon cultural style clay Buddha images and terracotta votive tablets in its interior walls. This cave dates back to the later Bagan period (13th century AD). This can be seen in the carved statues, sandstone Buddhist statues, the mural paintings, and the ink and carved Mon inscriptions.


Sadan Cave is situated in the southern part of Zwekabin mountain range. It is approximately 20 miles south of Hpa-An. The cave is 107 meters in length and 40 meters in width with the entrance being the widest part of the cave. Natural stones, rocks, stalactites, and stalagmites can be found in the cave.


Myawaddy is one of the Thai-Myanmar Border gateways. It is the link from Myanmar to Maesot in Thailand via Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge which passes over the Thaungyin River (Moei River). Myawaddy is also located on the ASEAN-India Highway Road, which will be built in the next few years. The area has been developed for tourism and cross-border trade with Thailand and many tourists use this as a gateway.

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