Meinmahla Island wildlife sanctuary

Mein Ma Hla Island

Meinmahla Island wildlife sanctuary 

Meinmahla Island wildlife sanctuary established in 1994 is located on 52.78 square miles (33,336 acres) of land in Bogale Township of Pyapon District in Ayeyarwady Region. It is combined with two environmental conservation areas of the Ayeyarwady Region. 

The wildlife sanctuary prevents the inflow of seawater which may cause damage to farmlands of Ayeyarwady Region where paddy cultivation and production is the main business in the region. It also prevents causing of landslides, controls silting process, gives shelters as habitat for aqua creatures which are the second important product in the region and contributes to a reduction of climate change. 

Various kinds of ecosystems such as mangrove forests, muddy forests, grass, and sandbanks can be seen in the wildlife sanctuary which is home to various species of biodiversity. It is a single area of naturally conserving Crocodylus porosus which is a species of crocodiles with habitation in the area mixed with fresh water and seawater. Moreover, the wildlife sanctuary is habitats for otters, hyenas, boar, monkeys, various snakes, and mangrove forest birds.Mein Ma Hla Island

Bogalay area is the home for the crocodiles of saltwater species, and that the mating season usually will begin in February till April. A female crocodile can lay up to 60 eggs at a time. These eggs are large, with a hard shell. They take about three months to hatch. Both sexes can be very territorial as well as aggressive in nature during this period of time.

Risk of attacks run high at the time of mating period and time of lay-up of eggs. Therefore, the period turns the area into in danger zone, a time to be alert for the hazard by the workers in fisheries sphere.

Ramsar Site 

Meinmahla Island wildlife sanctuary was designated as the ASEAN Heritage Park on 18 December 2003 and as Ramsar Site in 2017. 

In fact, the sanctuary is of importance for the conservation of biodiversity as rare species of migratory birds arrive in the Ramsar Site on the island yearly.

Myauktaya Pagoda ( One hundred monkeys pagoda) is the attraction to visit nearby

Myauktaya Pagoda was built by U Nu. As it is very famous, the Buddha Pujaniya festival is held on a grand scale in the month of Tabaung (around March) yearly. During the period of the festival, local people and those from four corners arrive there by boat to pay homage to the pagoda on a grand scale. Local people are engaged in fishery tasks of catching fish and prawn.  

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