South Myanmar Tanintharyi Region

Myeik Archipelago

small lagoon
Small lagoon at Smart island in Myeik Archipelago

Mergui Archipelago / Myeik Archipelago / Bake Kyun Su

What locals called was the Bake Kyun Su. Myeik is also known as Bake locally. “Kyun” means island and “Kyun Su” means archipelago. Myeik Archipelago comprises over 800 beautiful islands. The surrounding seas are alive with an amazing diversity of flora and fauna, very beautiful underwater scenes, and marine life. The crystal clear water of the outer Myeik Archipelago is perfect for pearl farming. At present, it remains largely undiscovered by tourists.

Bake Kyun Su has many untouched beaches and islands that everybody will appreciate if they ever been there before. Diving, Snorkelling, Swimming, or Relaxing. The place is suited for every activity but there is no thrilling night-club and red-light district. White and soft sand beaches and clear water of the Andaman sea, these islands are a very good location for getaway Luxury Resorts.

If you want to access Bake Kyun Su, there are two points of entry, one from Myeik and one from Kawthaung. These district-level towns have many tour services to go to Bake Kyun Su. Day trips or a night sleep, you can arrange before you go by different sizes of speed boats.

From Myeik jetty, day trips can arrange for less than 100USD per person. Night sleep trips are custom make and price may go up. Commonly visited islands and beaches from Myeik are

From Kawthaung, trip prices are more expensive than Myeik and commonly go to

  • Cocks Comb Island also is known as “an emerald heart island”. The big mountain island, with the Heart Lake inside. Many sharks and lobsters can be found. This is an ideal location for snorkeling when the tide is low.
  • Bo Cho Island, which is situated in the south of Lambi Island. A mile-long sandbank and scenic views overlooking the village at the pagoda located on the hill. This island has a major settlement of Maw King people / Sea Gypsies.
  • Bruer island or Saung Gauk (Myanmar traditional music instrument-Harp) island on which Twin Beach Mergui Island Resort is located. Which is a getaway beach resort.
  • Mackenzie island or Nyaung Oo Phee island on which Victoria Cliff Resort (Nyaung Oo Phee) is located. Which is a luxury getaway beach resort.
  • Kyun Pila island on which Awei Pila Resort is located. Which is also a luxury getaway beach resort.
  • Wa Ale island on which Wa Ale Island Resort is located. Which is near the Lambi Kyun Marine National Park.
  • Macleod island on which Myanmar Andaman Resort is located.
  • Pocock island on which Amata Resort & Spa is located.

There may still be constructing a resort on some island. The list does not end yet.