South Myanmar Tanintharyi Region


smart island
stretched heart-shaped throughout of rock in Smart island of Myeik Archipelago

Myeik or Bake

Locate around 880km away from Yangon by road, Myeik is the town between Dawei and Kawthaung. Local pronounce Myeik as Bake. Last 10 years ago, the town is only accessible by air or by sea and drivable conditions of the road are seasonal. Nowadays, local Myanmar people drive to spend their holidays due to improved Highway. Its 17 hours’ drive from Yangon, it is better to rest at Mawlamyine or Ye for sleep. The only reason for most of the people visiting Myeik is to enter the Myeik Archipelago.

From Yangon to Myeik

By Air – Myanmar National Airline and Air KBZ. Cost around 140USD per way. To check the respective airline websites, please use the link – Local airlines in Myanmar

By Bus – Mandalar Min Express, Man Yar Zar Express, Moe Kaung Kin Express. Cost you around 20USD per way.


Myeik Archipelago– Commonly visited islands and beaches are

Major Pagoda – As per the custom of Myanmar, every town has its own famous pagoda. For Myeik, the pagoda is Thein Daw Gyi Pagoda which is located on the hill near the town center and so you can see the bird-eye view of the town. The tourist went there for sunset.

Shwe Thar Hlaung Pagoda – Big Reclining Buddha at the opposite side of Myeik Jetty. Most of the day trip speed boat tour stop here if they have time left.

Bird Nest house at the Strand road.

The edible nest of the black-nest swiftlet from the Myeik archipelagoes and Kawthaung areas in the Tanintharyi Region has been shipped by sea to a foreign market. The price of the edible nest is higher than the white-nest swiftlet. With the price of edible birds’ nests rising, the number of breeders of nests has increased along Kanna Road in Myeik Township. Edible-nest swiftlets are induced to build nests using bird-noise techniques at birdhouses along the Strand Road in Myeik. The breeding business has become popular in the region, and many breeders are thriving.

Earlier, breeders had to build nests on walls of mountains. Later, experimental breeding at birdhouses was successful, allowing breeders to earn handsome profits. Two types of nests are sold at the market, including those from islands and others collected from breeding houses. To maintain the ecosystem of the islands, two islands in Myanmar’s marine territory have been designated as sanctuaries. The period of collecting is set at three months per year. The edible bird’s nests produced by swiftlets dwelling in the Myeik archipelagoes in Tanintharyi Region are purchased by China, Malaysia, and Thailand, after their being purified.

Food – Myeik is famous for its seafood restaurant at a fair price. Local says if one restaurant increases its food price, nobody in town goes there. So the basic idea is wherever the crowd is present, you can go in and ask for an English menu. “Bake Cut Kyee Kite” originated from Myeik is a famous spicy fried noodle in Lower Myanmar. For seafood Burmese curries, the restaurant named “A Shae Ywar” located on the highway just outside of the town is good.