Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State

Entrance to Myitkyina

Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State

Myintkyina is situated above sea level of 476 feet and it is a hill station not so high. Myitkyina is close to the existence of Ayeyawady river where Maykha and Malikha rivers flow together and become one. It was named after the town near the river. Myitkyina has been an important trading town between China and Myanmar since the eras of ancient Myanmar kings. Myitkyina is officially designated as the capital of Kachin State on 10 January after independence was regained in 1948.

How to get to Myitkyina

Myitkyina can be reached from Yangon and Mandalay by special 2+1 VIP, 1+1+1 VIP, and various regular highway buses. There is a daily high-class highway bus service providing from Yangon to Myitkyina. People can make a variety of choices of vehicles. There is also the Manawdagun highway bus line. Nay Pyi Taw and Mandalay have Jeinphawt Shwe Myay highway buses to ply to Myitkyina. People can make choices of buses to go to Myitkyina. It takes about 24 hours to get to Myitkyina. Some take a Mandalay-Myitkina train. The flight will be the best way and the flight ticket is a little expensive with it taking around two and a half hours.

Places of interest in Myitkyina

Travel & Tours specially arrange for travel to Myitkyina. Those who are willing to go to Myitkyina can go there for their plan. On arrival at Myitkyina, they can visit all parts of Myitkyina by hiring a car. If you go by Travels & Tours, you can make friends while you are taking a highway bus. You can visit most of the worth-visiting places together with the guide. It can bring savings not only in time but also in cost. Going to Myitkyina of self-plan can cost more. Well, let’s see where to visit across Myitkyina.

Manaw Grounds

Don’t miss a chance of visiting Manaw Grounds that can be noticeably seen in the downtown when you arrive in Myitkyina. Manaw Grounds usually host ceremonial events, where the highly erected pillars are spotlighting a symbol of arriving in Kachin State. Manaw festival is annually held there and it is one of the most ancient and grandest festivals for Kachin people. Manaw festival used to be held in January is celebrated from five to eight days. Kachin ethnic Aung La N Sang, Myanmar’s world-famous MMA boxer, the pride of Myanmar, whose statue is set up in Manaw Sports Ground where the visitors can take photographs of impressive views. There is a restaurant on the backside of Manaw Grounds and it has won the support of the customers. The name of the restaurant is Lung Ga Pa. It faces the Ayeyawady River.

Lawka Manaung Hsutaung Pyae Pagoda,

Standing and Reclining Buddha Images

Lawka Manaung Hsutaung Pyae Pagoda, known as the most ancient stupa in Myitkyina, attracted the attention of the pilgrims.

The pilgrims don’t forget to pay obeisance to the Reclining Buddha Image.

The Standing Buddha Image is also a worth-visiting place. The Reclining Buddha Image also has stone inscriptions written in Japanese and it was built and donated by the Japanese after World War II at a time when they retreated because of being defeated. It is unique in that there is a small memorial erected in remembrance of fallen Japanese soldiers in WW2, and within the main hall are two paintings by a Japanese artist gifted in remembrance as well.

Hindu Temple in Myitkyina

The place I feel like taking a photograph in Myitkyina is Hindu Temple and it is situated near People’s Square. Hindu Temple gives a faint glow of golden color. It was learned that the Hindu Temple was newly reconstructed. This Hindu Temple looks strange, bringing back the buildings existing in Jaipur of India.

People’s Square

The People’s Square in Myitkyina is not only a worth-relaxing site but also a worth-visiting place.

Myoma Market

There are two market—market-1 and market-2 in Myitkyina. Textile and personal goods are available in the market-1 while foodstuffs are available in the market-2. I have an excellent memory for buying traditional attire from the market-1 and Khawpoke, the local eatable product from the market-2 was taken to home as gifts.


Myitkyina is also famous for its night market. It is a worth-visiting site for every traveler. Further fame together with the night-market is an egg with sticky rice brew (Kyet-oo Gazaw).

I think it is a little strange. It is not the one that I am used to drinking. It is good to drink like rice gruel.

The buyers have to jostle for egg intoxicating brew. Foodstuff, clothing, toys, and fruit can be mostly found in the night-market. Except for the beverages, I have somewhere to go at night and it is satisfactory for me.

Aungzay Yanaung Stupa, Lawka Ayechan Stupa and Thabyay Tahtaung Stupa

It is TatU Stupa and monastery that are situated near Myitkyina airport. Lawka Ayechan Stupa is located next to Aungzay Yanaung Stupa. It looks like a Bagan-era style.

The most remarkable sight is that numerous Buddha images are concentrated in a single place and it is also a good place to take photographs.

Ja Jubilimasat Nawkuhting Nu Church

The Christian churches are many in Myitkyina, some are age-old ones and some are newly-built ones. There is a wide variety of buildings in Myitkyina and some are high-rises. This church design looks up-to-date and it is one of the largest churches in Myitkyina.

Minyat-Jameh central mosque

Minyat- Jameh central mosque is situated near the downtown of Myitkyina and it was learned that it is the largest one. Small shops are adjacent to Jameh’s central mosque where is always packed with people and it is also an interesting site.

The sale centre of Kachin local products

I would like to see places like this everywhere. But the shops should be kept neat and tidy. There is a wide variety of choices for shops and souvenirs shops are on display at the sales centre. The time I arrived was the late evening so some shops were closed. The visitors can buy all Kachin products ranging from traditional clothing to medicinal herbs and foodstuffs. If the sales center is repaired a little, it will be better-looking. This place is the one that tours highway bus stop for a while.

Aungmyaytha suspension bridge

Not only local people but also visitors pay a visit to the Aungmyaytha suspension bridge and a small creek considering it as a relaxation site. Many restaurants made of bamboo and souvenir shops attract the attention of the visitors. It is an enjoyable way that the visitors can go down for taking a shower in the small creek. Here is the shop of Cele Ma-Ma who misquotes and wins the support from the whole country. It is a little distant from Myitkyina and it is nearer to Myitsone.

Shwemoetaung Yahanda Tahtaung Shinpin Myatswa Sutaungpyae Pagoda

Newly-built Shinpin Myatswa Sutaungpyae Pagoda is not so long, but it is always packed with pilgrims. It has huge objects of the chicken and the frog where photographs are taken. I feel like the creation of brown stripes for small Buddha images and statues of animals showing days and planets inside the pagoda. White elephant statues can be seen in the area of a pagoda. The inner path of the pagoda is very narrow.

Globe Stupa

The globe stupa is a truly remarkable structure as it is built on the globe. As a result it is called the globe stupa and it is a simple name. Its environs look beautiful.

Hsadon Lanakha Waterfall

Lanakha waterfall known as Hsadon waterfall is near Hsadon town and it is a very beautiful waterfall. It takes quite long to reach the Hsadon waterfall. It starts flowing from the green forest and mountain and its stream runs very fast and its view is very impressive. The beauty of meeting the stream of the waterfall from the mountain and the creek that flows at the bottom of the mountain looks very natural and pleasing. On the other side of the suspension bridge, there is a small shop where the visitors can stay and rest. There are also small shelters for those who are going to the upstream area of the waterfall. It provides a greenfield site where the visitors can feel the pleasant sounds of the waterfall.


Myitsone is situated at about 26 miles north of Myitkyina where it is the confluence of Mali and N’mai near Tanfel village, the resource of Ayeyawady River, the lifeblood of Myanmar people. This place has become the main focus of attention by travelers and photographers from various parts of the country. Myitsone is a beautiful place with numerous pebbles seen when it is in low tide. When I arrived at Myitsone, its water surface area as wide as it wasn’t in a low tide yet. When it is in low tide, we can reach near the middle. At such a time, Myitsone with pebbles seen looks more beautiful said, local people. The visitors can take photographs wearing Kachin traditional costumes. The rental fee of one set of Kachin traditional costumes is K2,000. The photograph fee has to be paid as well. The sunset of Myitsone is so beautiful that the visitors and those who are fond of photographing have to wait for it.

Buddha Sasana Ngahtaungsan Pagoda

The visitors can pay obeisance to Buddha Sasana Ngahtaungsan Pagoda situated not far from Myitsone. Around there many food shops and souvenir ones can be visited. Boat ride service is also offered to the visitors and the service charge is K 20,000 per boat.

Washaung Dam

Don’t miss to visit the Washaung dam and the suspension bridge upon arrival to Myitkyina. It takes one hour’s drive.

Jade Roundabout

The Jade Roundabout is illustrated with the jade loaded onto a small circular tray with stem and the words of “Myitkyina City” written with embossed print. Jade Roundabout is a good place for taking photograph for the visitors.

Where to have meals

There is a choice of variety for having meals. There are Kachin, Myanmar, Indian, Chinese and Thai cuisines. Loilem shop near the market is famous for Myanmar cuisine. The price is fair and the service is good. Side dishes are also offered. A variety of curries are available as well. Kachin intoxicating brew and Kachin cuisine are available at Lung Ga Pa shop near Manaw grounds. Whenever I arrive, I go and sit there. Kachin traditional foods are also eatable. The unnamed shop on the 5th street on Shwe main road (some described it Tatkon ward) offers a variety of eatable curries to the visitors. Kachin traditional foods loaded into the leaf are available at this unnamed shop.

Myitkyina has a wealth of places of interest and I got a lot of enjoyment and experience from the journey to Myitkyina.

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