Shwe Myitzu Yayle Pagoda

Indawgyi and Shwe Myitzu Yayle Pagoda

Shwe Myitzu Yayle Pagoda

It takes about four hours’ drive to Indawgyi lake from Myitkyina. The round trip to Indawgyi takes about a total of eight hours. The visitors should stay for one night upon arrival at Indawgyi lake. It is the largest lake in Southeast Asia and it is natural. There are no hotels in Indawgyi, but hostels. These hostels are usually intended for seasonal festivals. If the visitors stay for one night in Indawgyi, it will be okay that they can pay homage to Shwe Myitzu Yayle Pagoda. A boat ride costs K 2,000 per person. Before arriving at the ferry site, there are many small shops. The visitors can take a boat ride to the pagoda in time of the high water level of the Lake.

A walk to the pagoda the time when it is at its lowest water level is very enjoyable. The females are not allowed to come to the platform of the pagoda and they have to stay at the designated place to pay homage to the pagoda. There is a general belief that bad weather like a storm and heavy rain might appear if the women touched the platform of the pagoda. The Indawgyi scene is breathtaking in its beauty. Later the circular way for the women will be set up to pay homage to the pagoda. In general, local and foreign visitors come to Indawgyi not only for religious reasons but also for bird watch ones. Pagoda festivals that are always extremely full of the pilgrims are held in March, Thadingyut, and Tazaungmone.

Hophar Beach and Mya Myitzu Pagoda

While the visitors are visiting Indawgyi, they can go to nearby places of interest like a bamboo-strip pagoda. At the edge of the beach of Hophar village known as Hophar beach. Water hyacinths can be seen in the high water level. In the summertime, it is a better pleasant place capable of offering relaxation to the visitors. I also paid a pilgrimage visit to Mya Myitzu pagoda which it situated on the top of the hill. The visitors can overlook Indawgyi Lake from the hill-top pagoda and it is a very impressive view.

Environmental Conservation Education Booth

The environmental conservation education booth is set up in the Indawgyi region describing the consequences resulting from the environmental pollutions and measures designed for preventing the environment from deterioration. This booth is always open for the public free of charge.

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