Tanintharyi Region

signboard at the entry to Dawei
Entry to Dawei, the capital of Tanintharyi region

Tanintharyi Region

Tanintharyi region is situated on the southernmost part of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. It is narrow and long and jutting southwards the sea. It is narrow from east to west and long from north to south. On the east and south are bordered with Thailand, on the west is Andaman sea and, on the north is Mon state. There is an archipelago off coast Myeik.

With stunning beaches offering captivating sunsets that attract tourists from home and abroad, Maungmagan beach is full of traditions and customs at the southernmost tip of Myanmar in Tanintharyi Region.

Each of the districts in Tanintharyi has their own share of interesting travel destinations. In Dawei District, there are the Shin Koe Shin pagodas, nine historic pagodas sharing the word ‘Shin’ in their names: Shin Pin Kayu, Shin Tauk Htein, Shin Taung Pone, Shin Za Lun, Shin Monti, Shin Ded We, Shin Ote Aou, Kaleinaung Shin Sandaw, and Myat Shin Maw.

As for beaches, there are Maungmagan beach, Myin Kwar Aou beach, Poe Poe Kyauk beach, and Sam Hlam beach. The district has the Maungmagan hot springs, traditional Dawei pasoes, longyi weaving businesses, and Dawei pottery.

Myeik District has the Lay Gyun Si Mee Thein Daw Gyi Pagoda, Athu Layan Thi (Pa Htet Taung) Shwe Tar Lyaung reclining Buddha, and island travel routes.

Kawthoung District has the Pyi Taung Aye Pagoda, Ma Li Wam waterfall, 555 hill viewpoint, Bayinnaung island and Bayinnaung cape, Kyun Philar, Bo Ywe, Nga Mahn island, Nga Khin Nyo Gyi island, Nyaung Oo Phi island, Island No. 115, Ka Yin Kwa island, Barlar island (a) Than Yote island, Poe Ni island (a) Bo Yar Nyunt island, Bo Nat Kyaw island, Hlaing Gu island, Nga Htwe Yu island and many more along its extensive archipelago.

Taninthayi is made up of Dawei, Myeik and Kawthoung districts with 10 townships. 

As it is a narrow strip against Tanintharyi mountain range the area has rugged terrains. Ranges have an average height of over 3.000 feet lining up from northwest to southeast. Myintmoe Letkhat Mountain, 6,801 feet, is the highest in the Tanintharyi region. There are many streams and rivers in the region. Dawei river and Tanintharyi river flow north to south and Le Nyar river flow south to north. The Perchan river serves as Myanmar-Thai border. At the mouth of Perchan river is Kawthaung Town which is the southernmost part of Myanmar. Tanintharyi coast is rocky and there are many offshore islands. Pale Kyun (Pearl Island) on which the pearl culture firm is established includes in Myeik Archipelago.

Dawei is the capital of Tahintharyi region. The region has a tropical climate. As it is close to the Equator, its weather is generally temperate. The yearly temperature difference is only 5’F. In Myeik, the average temperature is 78’F and in the hottest month of April, it has 83’F. Myeik has an average annual rainfall of 200 inches. Bamar, Kayin, Mon and Maw King peoples live in the region including Myeik Archipelago. Myanmar is used as a common language and different dialects are also spoken.

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