Yenangyaung Lei Thar Gone Guesthouse


Advertisement and brochure of Lei Thar Gone Guesthouse of Yenangyaung Town

Dear Guest,

After touring in Myanmar and enjoying Myanmar’s splendid sights at Lei Thar Gone you might, first of all, enjoy lazing around the pool and admiring the wonderful view from Lei Thar Gone. But there is more to do here.

Visiting the local Market

Don’t miss the colorful local market of Yenangyaung. You most probably will not meet any tourists there. You will be greeted by everyone with a smile and a friendly Mingalaba.

Ask at the reception how to get there, step down the steep stairs behind the pool toilet that takes you to the village. After passing through the gate, take the first turning on the right and follow the crooked sandy lanes for about 30 minutes. You will be greeted by everyone with a warm Mingalaba and a friendly smile. If you get lost, ask people for the market. They don’t mind you taking pictures of them. But sometimes they might also want to take a picture of you!

Go through the modern market building – it even has an escalator! – and enjoy the scenic food market on the other side of the building.

To come back, just get on any three-wheel-taxis (tuk-tuk) that is going in the right direction (like a bus), pay 200 kyats and get off on the main road in front of the Country Motel. Follow the sign (Lei Thar Gone Guest House) It’ll take you about 10 minutes to walk back to the guesthouse. Another option is to hire your tuk-tuk for 2000 kyats and it will take you directly to the Guest House.

Visit the brick factory

While you are having breakfast, you have a wonderful view of one of Yenangyaung’s brick factories. Do you want to have a closer look? Ask for the key to the gate at the reception desk, in case the door is locked. Step down the steep stairs behind the pool toilet. Pass by the roofed pool and you will come to the gate. After the gate turn left, walk down along the sandy lane for about five minutes; lookout for a path that takes you to the brickfield.

The sandy clay is dug out of a nearby mound of earth. It is filled in buskets and carried by women on their heads to the conveyor belt where the bricks are pressed and cut by a simple machine. The bricks then are dried in the sun for a couple of days before they are piled up and a kiln/oven is built around them.

You may watch women carrying the bricks on their heads several meters up.

The kiln is fired by wood that is taken from the nearby scrubland. The bricks are baked for some days, then after some days of cooling down, they are ready to be sold.

Treat yourself to a round of nostalgic golf at the Yenanthar Golf Club

a leftover from British colonial times – but make sure you don’t hit the cows that might be gazing on the green…

The nine-hole round comes complete with clubs, balls, and a caddie plus a couple of hours guaranteed fun. Stop for tea or beer on the way back.

Guided tours

All guided tours can be booked at the reception, one day in advance. The tours can be modified according to your wishes and depending on the season.

Tour 1 – Explore the countryside around Yenangyaung by motorbike

You will be guided by one of our experienced motorbike drivers – passing patrol towers, pagodas, and vast cultivated fields.

Once you are installed on the motorbike you will see – after a short ride – lots of old oil towers. There were hundreds of them in Yenangyaung before World War II. In 1942, just before the Japanese arrived, the British decided to set them on fire – for fear the Japanese would make use of the oil to continue on their way westwards to invade India. The whole British population in Yenangyaung fled to the north of Myanmar and further to India. Later, when the British came back, some of the oil towers were reactivated. There are still many in working order – you may want to stop, have a look and take some pictures, but if there are people around it’s better to ask first.

From the beautiful Taung Komath Pagoda, you have a wonderful view: the Irrawaddy, with huge lush of green fields of onion, sunflower, sesame or peanut – depending on the season.

The driver will take you down to the river and the fields. If you wish you may go up to the Skilia Pagoda. The driver will take you further along the fields and you might even want to cross the river on foot!

Not far from here there is a new Memorial, the Chinese Pagoda, with good information about the history of the war in 1942. The Chinese played a crucial role in this war because they came to help the British and the Burmese, fight the Japanese.

Tour 2

The Irrawaddy River is about 3 km walk and/or motorbike ride from the Guest House.

At the riverbank, the fisher boat will be waiting for you – or will soon arrive and you will spend an hour or two on the Irrawaddy River.

Don’t expect a lot of action on this tour, nor will sitting on the low bench be very comfortable. But the simple pleasure of being on the old rusty boat is peaceful and relaxing! Enjoy observing the locals passing by on their boats, admire the beautiful landscape and watch the birds.

Our western society is constantly on the go and no longer used to waiting, so fishing might sound challenging, but the peaceful river and the age-old rhythmic motions of the fisherman have a very soothing, almost hypnotic effect so that even time spent waiting seems to fly.

Soon excitement mounts as the fisherman start pulling in the net, neatly folding it layer upon layer, expectantly looking for silvery flashes, indicating a small fish in the net, which when found is gently removed and carefully laid in a wet cloth. The whole process is repeated several times, and you are welcome to have a try. All of a sudden, without realizing it, you recognize that you’ve drifted back to the starting point. It’s time to say goodbye, but the good news is: the catch of the day goes with you and MaThu, our chef, will be happy to prepare a tasty dish for you — a perfect souvenir of an amazing adventure.

Tour 3 – Motorbike Safari

Discover authentic Myanmar on this adventurous excursion along the banks of the Irrawaddy to Sale (Hsale). Explore ancient pagodas from the Bagan period. This tour will probably become your most memorable one.

After leaving Yenangyaung the driver follows sandy paths along fields or through the water depending on the season. Passing by pretty bamboo dwellings your first photo stop is at the bamboo basket weaver village Nyaung Pin Thar.

Continue on past fertile fields with laborers wearing khamauk, the typical bamboo hats, see herds of goat and cattle, picturesque little roadside shops and impressive Banyan trees – all part of the timeless scenery. After about 40 minutes you will see the first pagodas that will remind you of Bagan.

In Sale you are free to roam around the hills and discover the three dozen temples; a few have unfortunately suffered the ravages of time. Inside the others, you will discover wall paintings, some with Mahayana’s motives. They are as intricate and beautiful as usually seen only in Bagan. As a bonus there are no entrance fees, no hawkers, no “do not touch” signs. And in the background, the Irrawaddy river is ever-present.

Tour 4 ( Ladies only ) – Visit a local hairdresser and enjoy wellness “Myanmar style”

There was a time, not long ago, when long, black glossy hair was considered the crowning glory of a Myanmar woman and the longer and thicker the growth, the better. A Myanmar woman didn’t allow herself to be seen with hair tousled or tangled. A home-made, natural shampoo provided weekly care & cleanliness. After washing, the hair was always oiled with pure fragrant coconut oil and knotted in place.

The main ingredients of this shampoo are the bark of a shrub known as “Tayaw” and the soapy fruit of the “Kin-Mun Tee”. The plants are soaked, shredded & boiled, then limes are added. This traditional shampoo gently cleanses the hair and is a natural conditioner making the hair soft and easy to comb!

Ready for the adventure?

A tuk-tuk will collect you and take you for a short drive to “Venus, Hair & Beauty”. Meet Ma May Hlaing Oo, owner of the shop and a capable hairdresser, also trained in hair design and cosmetics.

Make yourself comfortable – Myanmar style – on the shampoo & massage bed.

Relax and enjoy the revitalizing massage and the deep cleansing treatment which will leave your hair squeaky clean!

After all that, it’s time for refreshment at the Naing Tea Shop! Enjoy a coffee or tea and a sweet or salty Myanmar snack, freshly prepared right before your eyes!

An absolutely enjoyable excursion with a big portion of authentic Myanmar life included!

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